Ken Buck says America needs to start drilling again to ease high diesel prices and increase supply

(Rep. Ken Buck, Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown, and Matt Connelly in Hugo, Colorado)

The cost of diesel fuel has risen dramatically for farmers and truckers on the Eastern Plains and recent reports suggest the United States may only have a 25-day supply of diesel fuel. 

In an interview with Campfire Colorado’s Matt Connelly in Hugo, Colorado on Friday, Congressman Ken Buck said the price of diesel is making people nervous on the Eastern Plains. 

“What I hear from folks is they’re nervous. They keep seeing the prices rise,” said Congressman Buck. “When the price of diesel fuel goes up, it costs farmers more to produce food, they pass that cost along. It costs truckers more to get food to the market, they pass that cost along. The supermarkets pass the cost along and eventually, we see this inflationary cycle. So, people are tired of it, they understand the cause of it and they want to see it end.”

To ease the cost of rising fuel prices, Buck said it’s time for America to start drilling again. 

“We’re going to start drilling again, and that’s what we need to do in America,” said Congressman Buck. “This radical green agenda of shutting down fossil fuels is crazy. We may at some point transition to solar and wind and other sources of energy, but right now we’re not ready to do that. So, we’ve got to produce more energy.”

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