House Democrats invoke “nuclear option” to silence Republican voices on Second Amendment debate

By Duncan Luning

On Friday and Saturday, Republicans in the House fought hard against the Democrats attempting to restrict your Second Amendment. These Republicans debated against SB-168 and SB-170 for hours across these two days. These bills would allow people to sue firearms manufacturers for damages and expand red flag laws, respectively. 

After hours of debate, Democrats invoked Rule 14, or the “nuclear option.” This rule ends all debate and silences the minority. This motion passed on a party line vote, with the exception of Rep. Matthew Martinez (D), who voted with Republicans.

In a statement from the House Minority Leader, Rep. Mike Lynch (R) stated that “This is an historic and appalling move by the majority to silence the voice of the minority. The legislature is the place for honest and lengthy debate, and this drastic step removes that ability for the minority to represent their constituents effectively.” He continued, “Today will be looked back upon as a dark day for the democratic process in Colorado. It is not enough to have the votes to pass legislation already; now, they don’t even want to hear our voices.”

Rep. Ken DeGraaf (R) added, “I pray to God we are spared from the history we’ve set in motion.”

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About the Author:

Duncan Luning is Campfire Colorado’s Capitol Correspondent.