Heidi Ganahl wins “decisive victory” against Jared Polis in Colorado Springs debate

By Matt Connelly

Gazette editorial this morning said Heidi Ganahl achieved a “decisive victory” against Governor Jared Polis at their debate in Colorado Springs and that “she could prove miracles true” in the next three weeks. 

In their editorial, the Gazette highlighted that, “Few debates end with a clear and concise winner. Sunday provided an exception in Colorado Springs, where Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl won a decisive victory against Gov. Jared polis in a debate sponsored by The Gazette, The Denver Gazette, Colorado Politics, KOAA News 5 and the El Pomar Foundation’s Forum for Civic Advancement.

Ganahl, an indisputable underdog, convinced much of the audience she’s “a mom on a mission” to fix a litany of problems. She blamed the governor for supporting criminal justice reforms that caused Colorado’s soaring crime rate.”

Throughout the piece, the Gazette’s editorial board cites issues after issue where Governor Polis has failed Colorado and they end the editorial by saying:

“Ganahl’s “mom on a mission” to unseat Polis is a mighty high goal. If she can sell it in the next three weeks, she could prove miracles true.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.