Gazette Editorial Board: Ken Buck Deserves a Landslide Victory

By Matt Connelly

Powerhouse conservative Congressman Ken Buck received an endorsement from the Gazette editorial board on Saturday. 

In their endorsement, the editorial board said Buck “deserves a landslide victory” and highlighted his commitment to supporting our heroes in blue as crime spikes across Colorado:

“As Colorado symbolizes a nationwide spike in violent crime, voting for tough-on-crime pro-cop representation has never been more important. That’s among a variety of reasons voters in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District should give Rep. Ken Buck a landslide victory in the June 28 primary.

Buck took his congressional office in 2015 after voters had elected him to three consecutive terms as the Weld County District attorney. If anyone in Congress understands crime and punishment, it’s House Judiciary member Ken Buck.

Before becoming a DA, Buck worked as a prosecutor with the U.S. Justice Department and as chief of the Criminal Division in the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s Office. During Buck’s tenure as DA, crime dropped by 50% in Weld County — a result surpassing the progress in nearly every other judicial district in the country.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.