First Look at Michael Bennet’s TV Ad: “Leave Things Better Than You Found Them” is Not a Rule He Has Lived By in Office

By Matt Connelly

Campfire Colorado has obtained an exclusive first look at Senator Michael Bennet’s first ad of the general election campaign. 

The Bennet campaign has not publicly released this ad yet in Colorado.

In one of the most wildly out-of-touch scenes we’ve seen in a long time, the Washington, DC politician is seen “hiking” through the mountains in an attempt to look like a Coloradan. 

Coloradans will remember when Bennet was widely mocked almost a year ago to the day when he attempted the same stunt in front of a tractor in the North Fork Valley.

Although Bennet shuffling through the mountains is certain to provide fun internet fodder, the most out-of-touch portion of the ad is when he preaches that one of the rules he lives by is to “leave things better than you found them.”

Senator Bennet certainly has not left things better than he found them during his years in Washington, DC. 

Thanks to Senator Bennet, we are currently facing record inflation, an open southern border, record levels of crime, skyrocketing energy prices, and a weakened America around the world. 

Here’s the full transcript of the ad:

Michael Bennet: Just as our parents taught us, Susan and I have taught our girls, leave things better than you found them. But common sense like that has been lost in Washington. That’s why I’m fighting to ban members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists, why I’m not taking a dime in corporate PAC money, and why I’m working to stop senators and congressmen from making personal stock trades. I’m Michael Bennet, and Washington could learn a lot from Colorado. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado.