Exposed: Weak on Crime Attorney General Says Car Thieves Deserve Three or Four Thefts Before Facing Consequences

By Matt Connelly

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser was recently caught on video appearing to explain that car thefts should be taken seriously only under certain circumstances. The video came from a candidate forum at Heather Gardens with Republican Attorney General candidate, District Attorney John Kellner.

Colorado is currently #1 in the nation for auto thefts. One of the most concerning causes is the Colorado law, combined with court practice, that allows thieves out on the streets immediately after they are brought in by police. Police across the state tell of criminals who go on to steal three to four cars in a single day without consequences.

Democrat Attorney General Weiser explained that if someone steals “three or four cars” within “say three months” it would be important to hold them in jail because, at that point, they would be a repeat offender. No wonder Colorado is first in the nation for auto theft, with policies like these.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.