Election post-mortems of Colorado’s Republican Party start to roll in

The election post-mortems for the historic beating Colorado Republicans took last week are starting to roll in across the state.

We’ve collected a short roundup of opinion pieces and reports from mainstream outlets below:

🗳️ WADHAMS: Dem victory signals a Colorado in decline – Read More

🗳️ CALDARA: Jared Polis — election night loser – Colorado Politics

🗳️ SALAZAR: Trump’s brand is toxic in Colorado – Colorado Politics

🗳️ BZDEK: The Colorado Republican Party needs an exorcism – Gazette

🗳️ NICOLAIS: The Colorado Republican Party is dead – Colorado Sun

🗳️ DENVER POST: After midterm shellacking, what now for Colorado Republicans? – Read More

🗳️ COLORADO PUBLIC RADIO: ‘An extinction level event’: Colorado Republicans react to deep election losses – Read More

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