Downtown Denver Target forced to lock up aluminum foil to prevent freebasing of fentanyl inside the store

By Matt Connelly
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A Target store on 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver is now keeping aluminum foil under lock and key to prevent criminals from stealing the foil for drug use and freebasing highly dangerous drugs like fentanyl inside the store, according to local Denver publication Westword:

A security guard was making his rounds at the Target on the 16th Street Mall when, out of the blue, a cloud of smoke took him out of commission for the rest of his shift. “I had to go home because I just got too fucking high,” he says.

“Blues,” as drug experts call them, have led to a new shoplifting phenomenon at the downtown Target, where fentanyl users will swipe aluminum foil straight from the shelves and freebase the illegal blue pills right there in the middle of the store, according to security guards.

The guard, who agreed to share only his first name, Donovan, says the problem has gotten so bad that store management decided to lock up its store supply of Reynolds Wrap, and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future. 

Campfire Colorado recently reported on a 16th Street Mall tea shop owner who was forced to shut down her business after someone defecated “all over the store.”

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