Denver looks like a “war-zone” during shooting

By Matt Connelly

(Surveillance video obtained by 9News’ Cole Sullivan)

“It sounded like a freakin’ war,” Stephen Gile told the Denver Post when describing a shooting that occurred in broad daylight at 1:30 PM on Tuesday in Denver’s East Colfax neighborhood.

According to multiple media reports, three suspects jumped out of car and opened fire on a random group of people, killing one person and injuring five other people.

9News reporter Cole Sullivan obtained the security camera footage below showing what a witness named Anthony Mangino told him “looked like a war-zone.”

(Surveillance video obtained by 9News’ Cole Sullivan)

According to Sullivan’s report:

Video of the shooting aftermath shows bystanders trying to stop a victim’s leg from bleeding. The clerk of the convenience store said other victims ran toward the entrance to the store. Denver Police officers arrived within minutes.

“I just shut down,” said Sara Brown, who heard the shooting. “It’s so bizarre how it happens. Your body just completely shuts down. It’s like fight or flight big time. Hit the floor, grab your phone.”

She said the gunshots sounded like fireworks — though she knew immediately they were not. 

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