Denver business owner says she shut down her 16th Street Mall tea shop after someone defecated “all over the store”

By Matt Connelly

(CBS Colorado reports on disturbing criminal behavior in Downtown Denver)

Denver’s 16th Street Mall is a hub for homelessness and crime, and now one business owner tells CBS Colorado she shut down her tea shop due to daily drug use in her store and someone defecating all over the store. 

Liberal Colorado news anchors and reporters have recently engaged in the conspiracy theory that crime is not actually a problem in Denver. 

CBS Colorado has a reality check for the more liberal elements of Colorado’s media posse and more details on the disturbing crime trends plaguing downtown Denver:

“We had incidents like our window getting shot out, someone coming in and defecating all over the store,” O’Dorisio said. She says drug use in the shop was a daily occurrence.  

“When you just don’t have the foot traffic to justify all of those issues going on, it just didn’t make sense long-term,” O’Dorisio said.

After just six months in business, Tea with Tae closed its doors at the end of 2022. They’re not the only business on the mall struggling.

“It has definitely affected us,” said Frank Schultz, owner of nearby Otra Vez Cantina.   

“When that happens in front of your retail location, people get scared and they don’t come in,” said Schultz, who says the past few years have been a ‘perfect storm’ of increased crime, inflation, and pandemic restrictions. Coupled with construction on the mall right outside his restaurant, Schultz says businesses are struggling with higher costs and less foot traffic.

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