Democrats have failed to get TABOR checks to thousands of Coloradans, more than 221,000 checks remain uncashed

By Matt Connelly

Colorado Democrats control all of state government and run every aspect of the system used to send TABOR checks to hardworking Coloradans.

On the campaign trail, prominent Democrats like Jared Polis and Treasurer Dave Young have attempted to take credit for TABOR refunds even though they have tried to end TABOR altogether in the past. 

According to a new report, Democrats’ election year strategy of embracing TABOR is running into an embarrassing scandal: thousands of Coloradans have not yet received their TABOR checks with more than 221,000 checks remaining uncashed.

Denver7 reports on the scandal:

Jolene Merritt has watched as her friends and coworkers received their checks. She planned to use hers for her son’s senior pictures, yearbook and other activities.

“The extra $750 of my tax dollars that I paid in would be nice to have,” said Merrit.

She called the state at the end of August to find out why she still had not received her check.

“My check had been returned because I have a P.O. box for delivery, and I didn’t put that on my tax return because I get direct deposit when I file my returns. They said it could be up to eight weeks to reissue a new check,” Merrit said.

Many have taken to social media to share their frustrations regarding their missing refunds.

“After a while, everyone got theirs. No one had not gotten theirs, and I knew something was up at that point,” said Oscar Munoz.

Munoz said he called weeks ago to report his missing check.

“But they said I needed to call back after September 30th. Now, they tell me it’s been reissued and should be here in five to seven weeks,” he said.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.