Deep-fake Jared Polis says what real Jared Polis would never admit in a NEW AD

By Matt Connelly

A new ad from Restore the Rockies IEC features a deep-fake version of Jared Polis saying all the things that the real Jared Polis would never actually admit in public. 

Restore the Rockies IEC launched a corresponding website with the ad called that highlights many of Governor Polis’s massive failures in office. 

In a press release, the group details the new advertisement:

The video features a message to voters from what appears to be Governor Jared Polis, with an on-screen disclaimer acknowledging that it is not the actual Jared Polis. The short video is not a campaign ad, but rather a piece of parody and political commentary using deep-fake technology. The video satirically answers the question: “If Jared Polis was completely honest with Colorado voters, what would he actually say?”

The video’s message focuses on the major problems Colorado is facing and Jared Polis’s attempt to distract from those problems using his own money. “Please disregard that our state is a total mess, and let me buy your vote instead,” says Polis in the video. Polis spent over $23 million to win office four years ago, and he’s currently outspending his opponent, Heidi Ganahl, by a large margin. “Jared Polis is using dollar bills to paper over the problems the state is suffering under his leadership,” the Restore the Rockies representative stated. Colorado is currently number one in the nation in car theft, bank robbery, cocaine use, and inflation. Drug overdoses and homelessness has also risen sharply during the last four years.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.