Crime and homelessness have skyrocketed in Denver, but the mayor says his biggest regret is getting busted for taking a Thanksgiving flight during Corona

By Matt Connelly

(Mayor Hancock during an exit interview with the Denver Gazette)

Crime and homelessness have skyrocketed in Denver, but what’s Mayor Hancock’s biggest regret from his time in office?

Getting busted for taking a Thanksgiving flight during Corona after telling the PEOPLE not to do the same exact thing. 

Watch the clip below from his recent interview with the Denver Gazette in total awe:

On November 25th, 2020, Hancock tweeted that the PEOPLE of Denver should stay home and have a “virtual” Thanksgiving instead of traveling to see loved ones. 

LESS THAN AN HOUR LATER….Hancock hopped on a flight to Mississippi for an IN-PERSON Thanksgiving with his loved ones.

In a recent exit interview with the Denver Gazette, Hancock was asked about lessons he’s learned while in office:

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock knows what he’ll regret most from his three terms as the most powerful elected leader in Denver: Thanksgiving, 2020, when Hancock was caught traveling in the thick of a raging pandemic despite having urged the public to stay home. 

He wanted to keep a promise to his daughter, he said, having assured her over the summer he would do his best to visit for Thanksgiving. So he went — despite his community needing a mayor who led by example “during these very dark, difficult moments,” and against the advice of staff.

“That’s a moment that, quite frankly of everything, of any misstep that I’ve had, is the one I regret the most,” he said, calling the incident the biggest lesson in his 12 years as mayor.

His “most painful moments” occurred when he made the job about himself, he said in an expansive interview with The Denver Gazette. He tried to learn, keeping in mind people will not only judge him for his decisions but also on how he responds when held accountable. 

“For any elected official, the most dangerous moment is when your service becomes about you and not the people who brought you here,” Hancock said.  

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