Colorado’s Democrat Dystopia: Man jumps on hood of his car as it’s being stolen by thief

By Matt Connelly

One brave Wheat Ridge man jumped on the hood of his truck as it was being stolen yesterday to try and prevent the thief from stealing his work truck and his entire business along with it. 

Not only that, but after the truck had been stolen, one woman whose car was hit by the stolen truck jumped into the trailer it was towing to avoid being hit again. 

“I jumped on the hood of the truck. I tried to punch out the windshield. It was safety glass so it just shattered the windshield. But I couldn’t get to the guy,“ truck owner Greg Brown told KDVR news

Under Governor Jared Polis and Attorney General Phil Weiser, Colorado leads the entire country in auto theft. In fact, Attorney General Phil Weiser recently said that once someone has stolen “3 or 4 cars” within “say 3 months,” then it’s time for some actual consequences.

The wild story out of Wheat Ridge doesn’t end there. 

KDVR News reports that as the stolen truck and trailer barreled down the road, one woman who was hit by the car jumped into the trailer of the stolen car:

“To get out of the way, we believe she was concerned she was going to get run over again, so she got into the back of the trailer,” Wheat Ridge Police Public Information Officer Joanna Small said.

On additional surveillance video captured by Evan Lordall,  you can hear what sounds like a woman screaming as the truck and getaway car speed by. 

“When I ran up there, that is where she was still laying, being held/comforted by a bystander, then she was loaded onto a stretcher from the trailer,” Lordall said. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.