Colorado man attacked by mountain lion while hot tubbing

By Duncan Luning
adult brown tiger

In a story from The Colorado Sun, a man was attacked by a mountain lion while hot tubbing near Mount Princeton Hot Springs:

“He and his wife were lounging in the tub, set into the ground, when a lion grabbed the man’s skull. The two began screaming and splashing the lion with water and the victim’s wife found a flashlight and shined it on the animal. But neither the splashing nor the light scared the cat, which retreated only 20 feet away from the couple, watched them and then repositioned itself to a hill above them, where it crouched down and continued watching.”

Following the incident, officers set a trap and searched the surrounding areas but found nothing. In an interview with a Wildlife Manager, Sean Shephard said “Although this victim had only minor injuries, we take this incident seriously. We have alerted neighbors and posted signs warning of lion activity. And we will continue to track the lion and lion activity.”

Read the full story on The Colorado Sun here.

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