Colorado House Republicans unite in support of House Sergeants-at-Arms and Colorado State Patrol

By Duncan Luning

On Monday, the House GOP issued a letter to Speaker of the House Julie McCluskie (D), and House Majority Leader Monica Duran (D), in support of the House Sergeants-at-Arms and Colorado State Patrol officers who responded to protests inside the House gallery. 

Last Wednesday, a group of students attended the House floor session to protest Republicans who fought against the Democrats anti-gun bills. When Minority Leader Mike Lynch (R) began speaking, the protestors would yell out to prevent him from being heard.

In response, the House Sergeants-at-Arms and Colorado State Patrol attempted to remove these protestors from the House gallery. Three refused and one had to be carried out. 

According to the letter from the House GOP members, signed by all 19 of them, many of the House Democrats encouraged and consoled the protestors. Some even called for the termination of the Sergeants involved. 

In a call for support of those involved, the Republican letter says, “We call upon them in the worst of times and rely on them to do what most of us are unwilling. This continuous pattern of mischaracterization and unappreciation for the job they do is why recruitment is suffering and morale is at an all-time low.” The letter continues, “The individuals the majority criticized so harshly last week for doing their jobs could be the same individuals we praise this week for protecting all of us.”

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About the Author:

Duncan Luning is Campfire Colorado’s Capitol Correspondent.