Coloradans are using guns to protect their dogs from killer mountain lions. Liberals still want to take them away.

By Matt Connelly
cougar on brown rock formation

Mountain lions are killing dogs in Colorado and Coloradans are using their Second Amendment Rights to fight back. 

An incident involving former Denver Bronco’s defensive lineman Derek Wolfe last week garnered headlines around the country when he hunted down and killed a massive mountain lion that was eating dogs in a small Colorado town.

Now, we are learning that even more Coloradans are taking up arms to protect their dogs from being killed by mountain lions. 

A report from liberal 9News shows that on January 19th, a man near Grand Lake shot and killed a mountain lion who killed his dog:

The second attack was on Jan. 19. CPW said a mountain lion killed a dog as it and its owner were returning from a walk. The dog was off leash, CPW said, walking closely behind its owner, when a mountain lion grabbed it from under a porch. The dog was killed.

After attempts to scare off the mountain lion failed, CPW said the dog owner’s husband shot and killed it. A wildlife officer determined there was a threat to human health and safety, so he was not ticketed.

Meanwhile, Colorado Democrats have placed restricting Coloradans’ Second Amendment Rights at the top of their list for the legislative session this year at Colorado’s capitol. 

For the future sake of Colorado’s dogs, we hope Colorado’s liberal Democrats start respecting Second Amendment Rights.  

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.