CBS Denver report proves 9News falsely smeared parents and Heidi Ganahl for raising concerns about furries in schools

By Matt Connelly

(Jefferson County parent Darlene Edwards speaks with CBS Denver’s Shaun Boyd. Full video below)

new report by CBS News in Denver proves that Jefferson County schools were lying in October when they denied that kids were dressing up as furries in schools. 

According to multiple emails obtained by CBS Denver, and an on-air interview with a Jefferson County parent, the district was aware of the issue but denied it was happening due to political considerations. 

The worst actors in Colorado’s liberal media spent much of October falsely smearing parents and Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl for raising these exact concerns.

Liberal media activist and conspiracy theorist Kyle Clark went straight to the gutter in his false attacks on-air and fired off multiple breathless tweets attacking Ganahl in an attempt to influence the election in favor of his friend Jared Polis. 

KDVR News anchor Jeremy Hubbard – not known for being a total liberal activist like Clark – mocked Ganahl on-air in a segment towards the beginning of the smear campaign that helped influence the narrative early on.

In fairness to Hubbard, most news anchors are professional teleprompter readers, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and eagerly await his on-air correction.

A liberal activist who writes for Colorado Community News called Campfire Colorado “evil” for publishing statements from parents on the issue and actively targeted individual parents, calling them “bad actors”.  Colorado Community News has not returned our multiple requests for comment on whether they condone this type of behavior from their “journalists.”

Campfire Colorado was the only news website in Colorado that gave voice to parents early on during the controversy and was relentlessly attacked by Colorado’s liberal media activists and liberal operatives across the state:

In fact, we featured a comment from Darlene Edwards in the report we published a month ago – the same Darlene Edwards who is featured in the CBS Denver report.

Darlene Edwards, a Jefferson County parent told Campfire Colorado, “Wayne Carle Middle School has quite a few. My ASD kiddo gets extremely agitated, dysregulated, and confused. It’s a really hard concept to try teaching my 14 year old autistic kiddo because his brain is so black and white and he gets fixated easily. He quickly gets fixated and the “unfairness” and distraction. Additionally, my niece has stated that aside from ears, tails, barking, meowing, collars, hissing, and scratching, they are also walking on all 4s and eating without hands-like putting their face in their food-like an animal.”

Turns out, the parents were right, and Campfire Colorado was the only media outlet to get this story right at the beginning. It’s a shame that Colorado’s media has turned into a propaganda machine for the Democrats, but that’s also the reason Campfire Colorado was founded. To push back against the liberal activists in Colorado’s media. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @MattConnelly.