After the Raid: What’s Coming Next from the Radical Left

By Matt Connelly
white metal gate

What’s next after the unprecedented raid of President Trump’s home by Joe Biden’s FBI?
Senator Marco Rubio hit the nail on the head last night in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News…

“I’m here in a very unique position in south Florida surrounded by people who come from countries where this is familiar to them. This is shocking to Americans, but in Latin America and many of these countries around the world, here’s what happens,” Senator Rubio told Hannity.
“A group takes power. One of the first things that group does is they begin to persecute and go after their political opponents, and then when the supporters of their political opponents begin to complain about it, they begin to target them and they criminalize opposition and that’s what’s happening here now.”
“The next step in this process is going to be that people who, supporters of Donald Trump or just conservatives complaining about this are going to begin to get labeled as potential insurrectionists and are going to begin to get harassed by law enforcement. That’s the next step in this playbook sadly.”
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