The Tweet Heard ‘Round The State

By Matt Connelly

It was late last Friday when the DCCC decided to launch a tweet that would be heard ‘round the state and widely mocked by conservatives and even some members of the liberal press. 

In an attempt to promote their radical candidate in CD-7 – Brittany Pettersen – the DCCC tweeted:

Only there’s one small problem, Democrat Ed Perlmutter already occupies the seat. National Democrats may just be projecting what most of us already know: radical Democrat Brittany Pettersen will flip this seat red in November. 

Colorado’s conservative bully pulpit, Peak Politics has more on the hilarious and tragic episode:

National Democrats finally had some good news to share with their followers on Twitter this weekend.

They had a candidate whom they were certain would flip a Republican-held district from red to blue, giving them at least one victory in the November election.

They rushed to promote their perfect candidate on Twitter, but in an instant, their dreams were shattered.

It turns out the Democrats had already controlled that congressional district since 2006 through a Democrat congressman they seemed never to have heard of before — Ed Perlmutter.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the Founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media. Tim Reichert is a client of Campfire Media.