Democrats Admit $400 Check is an Election Year Stunt

By Matt Connelly
100 US dollar banknote

Wow. What a mess. 
Capitol Democrats have had a disastrous session this year, but the wheels really seem to be coming off lately.
Look no further than a surprisingly entertaining and well-reported story in the liberal Denver Post this morning on the Democrats’ disingenuous press conference earlier this week that attempted to bribe voters with a $400 check.
In the story, Democrats admit that the press conference was an election year stunt and that “everything” they’ve done this session was with the upcoming election on their minds. 
Wait! It doesn’t end there! 
According to the Denver Post, Governor Polis himself fought Democratic efforts to “restructure TABOR refunds to benefit the working class” and the Governor’s Office denied interview requests from the Denver Post about messaging on the $400 press conference.
You know it’s bad when Jared Polis is refusing to talk to the liberal Denver Post. 
The erratic behavior from Polis the last few weeks has been off the charts, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better as we get closer to November. 
Here’s a few of our favorites from the Denver Post story:
Denver Post: Some other Democratic leaders distanced themselves from the vastly simplified message displayed on the banner on Monday: “Putting $400 in Coloradans’ pockets.”
“I’m not in charge of banners,” House Speaker and Denver Democrat Alec Garnett said.
Hansen suggested The Denver Post direct questions about messaging to the governor’s office, which declined an interview request and sent back a short statement mostly reiterating Monday’s talking points.

Denver Post: “And none mentioned that in recent weeks Polis, the news conference emcee, privately fought Democratic lawmakers’ attempts to restructure TABOR refunds to benefit the working class.”
Denver Post: “Though they were not forthcoming about it in the program’s unveiling, several Democrats in follow-up interviews conceded that, yes, the election is on their minds.”
Senator Chris Hansen: “Everything we’ve done this session, we’ve obviously thinking about the election.”
Senate Majority Leader Dominick Moreno: “The governor’s office would have been perfectly fine with the TABOR refunds going out as projected.”
House Speaker and Denver Democrat Alec Garnett“I’m not in charge of banners.”

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