Colorado’s Outdoors were a Lifesaver During Pandemic

By Matt Connelly
orange camping tent near green trees

Never forget that our own government turned its massive power against its own citizens during corona and attempted to lock all of us inside our homes, shutter small businesses, and destroy our way of life.
Also, never forget how lucky we all were to live in Colorado during that time period and have access to outdoor spaces. 
A new study shows that outdoor spaces were a saving grace in Colorado during the pandemic. The study also shows that the benefits of getting outdoors isn’t limited only to time periods when the government is trying to shut down society – so put down your screen and get outside as much as possible.  

The Gazette reports:

A new study out of the University of Colorado at Boulder provides empirical proof to claims heard widely at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic: The outdoors were a guard against anguish.

Researchers surveyed 1,200 residents around Denver and rated depression and anxiety “scores” to draw correlations with time in green spaces. Among those who surrounded themselves with nature more, mental troubles were found to be “significantly less.

From the survey period running throughout 2020, researchers determined 33% of respondents got outside more often than they did pre-pandemic. The more time outside, the lower the depression and anxiety score, researchers found.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.