Colorado House Speaker Alec Garnett retiring 

By Matt Connelly

It’s been a rough few months for Colorado House Speaker Alec Garnett.

According to Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen, people are dying due to the fentanyl law Garnett passed in 2019 decriminalizing under four grams of fentanyl and the Gazette recently said he will “own the deaths and grief” resulting from his new fentanyl law.

His shameful actions also earned him an induction into the Fentanyl Hall of Shame.

Now, the Colorado Sun’s Mike Littwin says Garnett is retiring from politics when the session ends. 

A true politician to the end; Garnett says it’s actually a 99% chance he won’t seek another office like Mayor of Denver. 

That’s probably a good call since Garnett also says in the Littwin interview: “I don’t want to refelonize fentanyl possession.”

No wonder he’s in the Fentanyl Hall of Shame.

Here’s more on the scoop from Colorado Sun columnist Mike Littwin:

“When I got him, Garnett did surprise me. He told me he is going to retire from politics once the session is over and that he’s counting the days. He’s term-limited, but he’s only 39. When I asked if this retirement was definite, he changed the odds slightly — to 99% sure. But I could see why.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.