Colorado Democrats Choose Radicals as Congressional Candidates

By Matt Connelly
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Colorado Democrats last night chose radical nominees to represent their party in Colorado’s top two competitive congressional races. 
At the 7th Congressional District Assembly, Democrats chose one of Colorado’s leading extremists as their nominee: State Senator Brittany Pettersen. 
Pettersen was one of the leaders in the Democrat efforts at the Capitol that decriminalized fentanyl in 2019 and Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen says is resulting in the deaths of Coloradans. 
At the 8th Congressional District Assembly, Democrats chose an equally radical nominee in Yadira Caraveo – who not only helped decriminalize fentanyl with Brittany Pettersen, but is also aggressively opposed to Colorado’s oil and gas industry. 
🤔  INTRIGUE IN CD-8: Reports indicate votes are still being counted to see if Democrat Chaz Tedesco reached the 30% threshold to qualify for the ballot in CD-8.
❌  BUYER’S REMORSE: Democrats in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District largely bypassed any type of primary and were forced to accept Pettersen as their nominee. We expect there to be a very large amount of buyer’s remorse for that decision once Pettersen becomes better known by voters.
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