Alec Garnett Inducted Into Fentanyl Hall of Shame

By Matt Connelly

(Photo: Hall of Shame Inductees Alec Garnett and Brittany Pettersen. Photo from Alec Garnett’s Website)

While some reporters at the Capitol have heeded Speaker Alec Garnett’s instructions to change their coverage of the fentanyl crisis to try and protect him and his fellow Democrats, the Gazette’s editorial board doesn’t seem interested in obeying his instructions. 

In fact, the Gazette inducted Speaker Garnett into its Hall of Shame on Fentanyl this morning. 

In an editorial titled, “Dead baby girl should awaken woke legislators”, the Gazette highlights the stunning failure of politicians at the Capitol to address the fentanyl crisis ravaging our state. 

Instead of trying to cancel Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen for sounding the alarm on fentanyl and protecting our communities, maybe the woke radicals in charge of the Democratic Party should get to work on real solutions. 

Gazette Editorial Board: “House sponsors include Democrats Alec Garnett and Leslie Herod and Republicans Shane Sandridge and Mike Lynch. Senate sponsors include Democrat Brittany Pettersen and Republicans Kevin Priola and John Cooke. They need to get it right, or they will deserve the blame for prolonging a policy that kills every day. As of now, they constitute a Hall of Shame in Colorado’s fight against fentanyl.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the Founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.