10 New U.S. Citizens Naturalized on Western Slope LOVE America

By Matt Connelly

Radical liberals across the United States have created an entire outrage industry based on hating our own country, but when you ask brand new American citizens about our country you will hear one consistent theme: America is the greatest country on earth. 
A quick reminder of that fact was highlighted in a Daily Sentinel story today on 10 brand new American citizens naturalized on Colorado’s Western Slope:
Jose Serna Soto of Colombia: “I want to thank you guys for letting me be part of this country. I am very proud to be part of this country. I like to see people happy. I am happy. This U.S.A. is my family now. I am very, very happy.”
Peruvian Juan Carlos Rojas Alcala: “I am grateful and blessed, blessed to be here today, and blessed to be part of this fantastic country. I look forward to being more active in my community.”
Peruvian Liz Tabraj: “I came to here looking for a different life, trying to find myself, find my own journey,” she said. “I want to make a change within my community, and I’ve been very involved since the beginning. And now that I’m an American citizen, I know my impact will be higher. And I’m really excited to be able to vote now.”
Read more testimonials about the greatness of America in the Daily Sentinel article below: 
🇺🇸  DAILY SENTINEL: Western Slope welcomes 10 new U.S. citizens – Read More

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