Wadhams: Top 5 Questions at the GOP Assembly 

By Dick Wadhams

Here are the top five questions that loom over the Colorado Republican State Assembly on Saturday:

1.  Are Colorado Republican delegates mired in the past with candidates who advocate stolen election conspiracy theories from 2020 or are they looking to the future by nominating candidates who are focusing on the real issues of the 2022 election?

2.  Will the assembly voting procedure established by Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown and the Rules Committee to vote on electronic keypads be challenged from the floor in order to require paper ballots?

3.  Is the support for State Representative Ron Hanks, who has established himself at the stolen election conspiracy candidate for the Senate, deep enough to keep the other five Senate candidates from getting 30 percent and, if not, who will be the other candidate–Eli Bremer, Gino Campana, Deborah Flora, Greg Moore or Peter Yu–to potentially get 30 percent?

4.  Can CU Regent Heidi Ganahl, who had her petitions approved this week to be on the primary ballot for governor, potentially win the nomination outright at the assembly by keeping her two main opponents, Greg Lopez and Danielle Neuschwanger, off the ballot or will they give spirited speeches that could potentially relegate Ganahl to third?

5.  Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who has been criminally indicted by a Mesa County grand jury and is under FBI investigation as well, will not face her main opponent for Secretary of State, former Jefferson County Clerk Pam Anderson, whose petitions were approved this week for the primary ballot for Secretary of State, but will Mike O’Donnell, her opponent at the assembly, be the beneficiary of delegate opposition to the controversial Peters?

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About the Author:

Dick Wadhams is a Republican political consultant and a former Colorado Republican state chairman.