The Gazette’s Editorial Board Gets It

By Matt Connelly
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The Gazette’s editorial board gets it. 
Campfire Colorado is a conservative voice for the PEOPLE and it’s the people who run this country. Not the teacher’s unions, not the unelected bureaucrats, and not the radical politicians trying to indoctrinate the next generation of Americans with their dangerous ideas. 
In today’s editorial, the Gazette details a new ballot initiative from Rep. Tim Geitner and Independence Institute President Jon Caldara to put the power in the hands of the PEOPLE and Colorado’s parents:
“We’re staring down a sequel to those events this fall, as the institute has filed an initiative to expand the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) to permit parental access to teaching materials used in their kids’ classrooms.
The ballot initiative — which needs roughly 125,000 signatures to get on the ballot — comes after the 2022 Legislature failed to put a similar bill on the matter to a floor vote. So, Republican state Rep. Tim Geitner of Falcon and Independence Institute President Jon Caldara advanced the proposal as a citizens initiative instead.
“It doesn’t give parents power to cancel or alter a curriculum,” Caldara said, “but instead lets them know what their child is being taught.”

Take the time to read the full editorial here – it’s worth it. 
🔥  GAZETTE: Editorial: Power to the people — and parents — this November – Read More

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Matt Connelly is the Founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.