Gazette: Garnett “will own the deaths and the grief” resulting from fentanyl law

By Matt Connelly

A new Gazette editorial this morning says that radical liberal and Colorado House Speaker Alec Garnett “will own the deaths and the grief” resulting from a new fentanyl law that would enable “one person to poison 500-plus..”. 
In an editorial attacking the politicians at the Capitol, the Gazette says the new fentanyl law passed through the House Judiciary Committee earlier this week, “treats lives as expendable”:

“Despite the carnage, seven Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee and Republican Mike Lynch think possessing highly lethal amounts should remain a misdemeanor. They propose protecting Colorado’s status as the country’s least threatening state for possessing the world’s most deadly drug. We’re so cool.

The committee passed a version of House Bill 1326 on Wednesday that allows 1 gram of fentanyl without the potential of a felony charge. Each gram equals more than enough to deal — more than enough to cause 500-plus overdose deaths. Clearly, these politicians consider lives expendable…

… Any compromise on fentanyl possession comes at the cost of human lives. If Garnett and Gov. Jared Polis create a law enabling one person to poison 500-plus, they will own the deaths and the grief surrounding them…”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.