Colorado Liberal Media in Total Meltdown After Being Called out by Campfire Colorado

By Matt Connelly
man holding telephone screaming

Colorado’s liberal media is in total meltdown mode after we called them out yesterday for being partisan hacks…

It really is one of Colorado’s most bizarre mysteries why clearly partisan hacks like Chase Woodruff have so much invested in being perceived as actual journalists – and probably offensive to the actual real journalists in Colorado.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from trying to defend himself and the ultra-liberal Colorado Newsline website where he works:

Compass Colorado’s Kyle Kohli was quick to point out of the most recent example with a tweet that was retweeted by Ben Shapiro and lit conservative Twitter on fire:

Another liberal reporter, Conrad Swanson, who writes for the Denver Post and is an avid Pokémon trainer, decided to attempt an insult by pretending he doesn’t know who we are:

Another man named Ari Armstrong who apparently works for the site Complete Colorado attacked Republicans and Campfire Colorado as ‘chicken shit’ for calling out the liberal media in Colorado:

Campfire Colorado is a voice for the PEOPLE and we won’t stop calling out the liberal media no matter what pushback we receive from Colorado Newsline, the Denver Post, or a man named Ari Armstrong at Complete Colorado.

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.