When I See A Problem – I Find A Solution

By Jan Kulmann

Too many insiders and career politicians run Washington. We do not need to send another one to deliver the same: nothing. We need outsiders to shake things up and get things done, people who work in our communities and serve our communities. I’m an oil and gas engineer, the Mayor of Thornton, a mom of two, and I’m running for Congress in Colorado’s brand new district–the most competitive race in the country–to fight and win for my community. 

I initially got involved because of my kids. As a working mom, I couldn’t volunteer in the classroom during the day. So, I ran for the school board and helped expand a charter school into the largest in the state. I knew I could do more. I served two terms on the city council in 2013 and then ran for Mayor in 2019. I’m a full-time working mom who consistently beats Democrats on their turf.

And I’ve kept my job as an oil and gas engineer through it all. I’m not a career politician. I’m an engineer. When I see a challenge, I find a solution.

If you place your trust in me, I will focus on the issues that impact your life: cost of living, safety, and education. 

The Democrats’ reckless spending has launched inflation to a 40-year high. Groceries, gas, and energy bills – not to mention housing prices – are becoming increasingly unaffordable for working Americans. On energy – let me just say to President Biden: stop attacking my industry, we need to Make America Energy Dominant Again. 

I’ve been working in the oil and gas industry for 23 years, the last 15 in Colorado. Our state alone can produce energy more efficiently and cleaner than Russia or Venezuela. Energy security is national security and is a proven way of reducing energy costs while creating good-paying jobs. There is no excuse not to be energy independent.

As Mayor of Thornton, I care deeply about safe streets and I rely on our law enforcement heroes to get the job done. I’ve always increased funding for the police because we all deserve to live in safe communities. Meanwhile, crime is on the rise in Denver and around the country as the Far Left demoralizes and defunds the police. 

And as fentanyl is ravaging the nation, flowing over our border, career politicians refuse to act. The longer President Biden and Speaker Pelosi wait to secure the border, the greater the risk to all Americans.

Finally, on education, our school boards focus on political agendas, not learning. That’s unacceptable. Schools must prepare our kids to succeed, and we must respect a parent’s right to be involved in their child’s education. Our curriculums need to focus on essential material, and parents must be able to choose from as many options as possible to find the school that best fits their child’s needs. 

This race will determine whether Democrats keep the House, and they will spend millions trashing me. But I know something about putting up a fight; the Far Left tried to recall me from the city council, but I won. If you send me to Congress – I’ll stand up to Biden and the Left. I’ll fight and win for you. 

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About the Author:

Jan Kulmann, mayor of Thornton, Colorado, has worked in the energy industry for 23 years. She is running for the U.S. House in Colorado’s 8th District.