The Executive Director of DIA just got a 30% salary increase

By Matt Connelly
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Would you say the Executive Director of Denver International Airport deserves a 30% raise in salary from $266,143 to $346,975?

That’s exactly what happened last night after Denver City Council voted 12-1 to approve raising the pay for 11 department heads.
The Denver Post has a list of the pay raises and the reasoning behind them:

The raises, boosting the pay of the heads of 11 departments, bring the pay rates for those positions up to median levels based on a 2021 survey of comparable cities, according to council documents. In total, the city is dedicating an extra $309,838 to those jobs this year, money that will be coming out of existing departmental budgets retroactive to Jan. 1.

“We want to make sure that whoever the next mayor is, they are set up for success,” Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer said. “They are going to have to go through a council approval process for all of their cabinet appointees and one of the things that we can do help set that mayor up for success is include median pay for their executive directors.”

Laura Aldrete, executive director of community planning and development: $175,950, a 4.72% raise to $184,257.

Phil Washington, executive director of Denver International Airport: $266,143, a 30.37% raise to $346,975.

Kristin Bronson, city attorney: $196,650, a 9.87% raise to $216,061.

Armando Saldate, executive director of the department of public safety: $168,861, a 22.28% raise to $206,481.

Adam Phipps, executive director of the department of transportation and infrastructure: $190,625, a 2.44% raise to $195,220.

Jay Morein, executive director of human services: $150,715, a 16.69% raise to $175,876.

Happy Haynes, executive director of parks and recreation: $144,168, a 18.28% raise to $170,523.

Andrew Amador, executive director department of general services: $144,168, a 23% raise to $177,332.

Brendan Hanlon, executive director of the department of finance: $163,118, a 13.64% raise to $185,366.

Bob McDonald, executive director of the Denver Department of Public Health and the Environment: $149,040, a 26.65% raise to $188,766.

Molly Duplechian, executive director of excise and licenses: $142,000, a 8.72% raise to $154,381.

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