Colorado Mom Fights Against Graphic Books in Schools: “This is Pornography”

By Matt Connelly
book lot on table

If a book is too graphic to be read at a school board meeting, is it too graphic to be available to children in Adams County?

One mom thinks so. 

KDVR has the news this morning:
When she tried to read excerpts to prove her point during a school board meeting, the board stopped her from speaking because it was just too graphic. Now she wants to know: If the books are too graphic for the board meeting, why do kids have access to them?
“We do not allow ‘Playboy’ or ‘Hustler’ or ‘Maxim’ or ‘Penthouse’ in our schools, or in our public libraries for that matter,” that mom, D. Barnes, said.
“Gender Queer” is one book she compares to pornography because of explicit drawings of sexual acts between two characters in the story. It’s a book the school district said isn’t in any of their libraries.

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