Rep. Steven Woodrow Absent from Committee during Fentanyl Hearing – Instead Chose to Pose for Cameras with Governor Polis

By Matt Connelly

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee voted on HB22-1326, the Fentanyl Accountability and Prevention Act.

Tuesday night, April 12, the committee heard 13 hours of testimony regarding the legislation, finally adjourning around 3 a.m. Wednesday afternoon, April 13, the committee passed amendments on the legislation.

Rep. Steven Woodrow, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, was out for surgery on both Tuesday and Wednesday, although Rep. Marc Snyder posted photos of Rep. Woodrow joining him and Governor Polis to “discuss ways the legislature is working to tackle Colorado’s rising housing costs” on Wednesday.

He was replaced by Rep. Leslie Herod, who was one of the sponsors of HB19-1263, the legislation which reduced criminal penalties for fentanyl possession and law enforcement cite as responsible for the skyrocketing deaths in the state. 

Woodrow Tweeted in response: “My surgery was at 6:30am on Wednesday, Ms. Daigle. Do you think it’s appropriate to stay up past 3am the night before a cardiac ablation and ICD generator change? I’d say do better, but we all know you’re incapable. p.s. I’m recovering well, thanks.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.