Swing and a miss: Colorado Sun attack on Campfire Colorado falls flat

By Matt Connelly

Campfire Colorado is a CONSERVATIVE voice for the PEOPLE.

We’ve never pretended to be ‘journalists’ or anything other than a conservative voice pushing back against Colorado’s liberal activist media…and there are plenty of liberal activists in Colorado media.
In the short period of time since we launched, we’ve been attacked by the Denver Post, 9News, Colorado Newsline, Complete Colorado, and now the Colorado Sun.
As I’ve said since the beginning – we will not be intimidated by members of the liberal media.
The latest attempt to attack Campfire Colorado came yesterday from the Colorado Sun in a post attempting to cancel me because I have dared to create a conservative voice for the PEOPLE while also consulting for political clients in Colorado. 
Let me be clear – attempts to cancel Campfire Colorado or Campfire Media will not work. 

As Campfire Colorado subscribers know well, I have never pretended to be a journalist and I provide a note anytime we cover a current client of Campfire Media. And thanks to the support of Campfire Coffee subscribers, they can never cancel me.
I’ll continue to fight for the PEOPLE with Campfire Colorado and fight for conservative candidates I believe in at Campfire Media. I will not be intimidated by Colorado’s liberal media. 

Read the full Colorado Sun attack below: 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.