Radical Liberals Target Denver Police Chief Pazen

By Matt Connelly
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Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen has been one of the few leaders in the state of Colorado unafraid to call out the politicians for passing dangerous legislation to decriminalize fentanyl in 2019. 

In fact, he’s done dozens of interviews across the state in what amounts to a full-time media blitz and likely countless hours more of work behind closed doors addressing the issue. 

That kind of truth-telling likely hasn’t made him any friends in Democratic circles recently and it certainly isn’t the type of behavior that radical liberals bent on silencing any type of dissenting voices are willing to put up with. 

We’ve been wondering here at Campfire Colorado how the radical liberal activists will try to cancel Pazen and it looks like they are going to attempt to replay one of their greatest hits to try and silence Denver’s Police Chief.  

It won’t work. 

Axios Denver has more details on radical liberals rolling out one of their favorite playbooks on Pazen:

“A federal jury’s verdict forcing the city of Denver to pay $14 million for its faulty response during the 2020 George Floyd protests is raising doubts about police chief Paul Pazen’s future.

Driving the news: A number of prominent activists say Pazen needs to exit the post after the trial exposed the agency’s questionable leadership.

“We are in serious need of new leadership,” Robert Davis, head of a local task force to reimagine policing, tells Axios Denver. Pazen’s “lack of control and management … cost Denver national embarrassment” and “taxpayers millions of dollars.”

City Council Member Kevin Flynn had this to say to Axios: “Unless every other big city chief also steps down, I see no need for change, especially when there will be a new mayor in a year who will likely want a different chief. It would be very difficult to fill that top spot for only a year.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the Founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.