NRCC Chair: Opportunities for Colorado GOP in CD-7 and CD-8 

By Matt Connelly

(Photo: Golden, Colorado by Ken Lund, CC)

In an exclusive interview with Campfire Colorado, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Emmer discussed the opportunities available for Colorado Republicans to win two major battleground districts that are sure to dominate headlines in November. 

Congressman Emmer credited the opportunities in both CD-7 and CD-8 to the recent redistricting process in Colorado and the current negative political environment for Democrats. 

“Well look, your redistricting created the opportunity. I think that what we’ve seen is it’s not just the redistricting – and it was a commission – so it wasn’t done by Republicans. I think people were a little surprised when it came out, and that combined with the environment that we’re in right now – eight was definitely in play from the second we saw it, but then when you have Ed Perlmutter retire suddenly, opening up seven, and guess what? It creates an opportunity.”

NRCC Chair tom emmer

According to a recent report from Axios Denver, Colorado’s new congressional maps were given an “A” rating by the The Princeton Gerrymandering Project and RepresentUs.

When it came to the many issues facing Democrats nationally and in Colorado, Emmer was laser focused on the Democrat’s failed energy policies that he contends contributed to gas prices skyrocketing in Colorado.

“The bottom line that people are going to look at this issue in the whole set. They are going to look at the fact that the national average for a gallon of gasoline has surpassed $4 a gallon for the first time since 2008. And Colorado gas prices with the highest we’ve seen in eight years! Your prices jumped nearly 40 cents just last week.”

Another recent report from the team over at Axios Denver notes that gas in Colorado is “38 cents higher than a week ago and $1 more than 2021, according to new data from AAA Colorado.”

Voters in Colorado’s 8th Congressional District are especially going to focus on energy issues according to Emmer thanks to the fact that our inflation crisis is caused by attacks on energy producing parts of the country exactly like Colorado’s 8th congressional district.

“You have the 8th district that is an energy district and that’s what’s going to matter, and then you start tying in the fact that our inflation crisis is literally caused by this administration’s attack on energy in places like the 8th district in Colorado,” Emmer said. 


Additionally, Emmer noted that voters understand it’s Democratic policies causing their economic hardship. “Here is the beauty,” said Emmer. “The polling that we’ve seen-the voters understand that the skyrocketing prices at the pump and frankly the skyrocketing prices in their grocery store and everywhere else are a direct result of the actions of the Biden administration and these Democrats who have been out of control in Washington.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the Founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.