Colorado GOP Chairwoman Calls Out Media Bias

By Matt Connelly

Colorado Republican Party Chairwoman, Kristi Burton Brown, is fearless when it comes to calling out liberal members of Colorado’s media and she did not hold back in an exclusive interview celebrating the launch of Campfire Colorado. 

“We believe that there is a need for a true, online, conservative media outlet in Colorado,” Burton Brown responded when asked whether Colorado’s conservatives needed a voice in today’s media environment. 

“I think it is really important for Republicans to have an outlet that they can trust. They need one that they know actually covers the issues that are really affecting their lives and state, instead of only the issues the mainstream media hand picks. Many times, the reporting on these issues glosses over what the Democrats are actually doing. Whether we are talking about the legislature or issues at the federal level, I think a media organization that gives people the real truth is lacking in Colorado.”

Burton Brown has been the target of attacks by 9News in Denver since she assumed office, but where others might wither under the constant badgering, Kristi has thrived being a voice for conservatives in Colorado. 

In fact, the constant efforts to mobilize the online mob against her seem to have only made her a more popular figure in Colorado conservative circles. It is not hard to figure out why after talking with her recently.

Burton Brown was asked to respond to 9News lecturing conservatives from the supposed moral high ground, even when the station had just broadcast Olympic games hosted by the human rights-abusing communist Chinese government – a regime currently carrying out a genocide against the Uyghurs. Burton Brown hit back hard at 9News:

“It certainly was glossed over. I think we see whether it is the mainstream media or the Democrats, we see them gloss over the genocide that China is committing and refuse to acknowledge it or consistently push back against it. We saw a lot more strength against China when Republicans had more control at the national level. I do think that the American people want to see more of that.”

Burton Brown is not alone in her criticism of NBC’s handling of the Olympics. According to Florida Republican Congressman Mike Waltz, NBC refused to air his ad with Enes Freedom that showcased corporate logos of U.S. companies sponsoring what Waltz called the “Genocide Games.”

“Just outside the show, rape, genocide, slave labor – American companies are drunk on Chinese dollars – entangled with Communist dictators committing atrocities and propping up these Genocide Games,” Waltz states in the ad rejected by NBC. 

Conservatives across Colorado are fed up with media figures lecturing them on everything from how to raise their kids, to how to run their businesses, and how to live their lives. 

Kristi Burton Brown is right: There is a need for a true, online, conservative media outlet in Colorado.

Campfire Colorado hopes to be that media outlet.

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