Green Bad Deal: $375k for an Electric School Bus in Aurora

By Matt Connelly
yellow school bus on road

The definition of a “green” school bus is taking on a whole new definition in Aurora where government officials introduced seven new electric school buses yesterday that can reach a cost of up to $375,000 per bus. 

Aurora Public Schools Chief of Staff Mark Seglem told the Denver Post that traditional school buses usually cost about half that price. 

Governor Jared Polis, of course, was at the event and said the $375,000 buses were a matter of “environmental justice”. 

“We see this as an air quality issue but also an environmental justice and health issue in communities that are disproportionately impacted,” Polis said at yesterday’s press conference. 

There was at least one voice of reason speaking out on the issue yesterday. 

House Minority Leader Hugh McKean told the Denver Post, “(In the legislature) it’s been a contest between ideology and practicality. And in the past several years, the ideological goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and all these other things have won out over what the practical solution might be. As Republicans, I think we’re focused on the practicality of things.”

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