WATCH: GOP Legislators Emerge from Historic Filibuster to Massive Applause at Pro-Life Rally

By Matt Connelly

(Photos taken by Matt Connelly, Campfire Colorado)

Colorado’s House Republicans spent almost 24 hours fighting a Democratic abortion bill from 10:53 AM Friday morning to 10:18 AM this morning – setting what appears to be a record in Colorado’s state capitol. 

A massive rally of pro-life Coloradans organized outside the Capitol rewarded those efforts Saturday morning with raucous applause as many of the Republican legislators stepped out into the light of day on the Capitol balcony overlooking the pro-life rally.

A minority in Colorado’s legislature, House Republicans were ultimately unsuccessful in their efforts to push back on what a recent Gazette editorial called a “barbaric new bill.”

At the rally, opposition protesters from Denver Communists and other unidentifiable groups played sirens and yelled through loudspeakers in an attempt to drown out the pro-life crowd’s message and enthusiasm. They were not successful.

The demonstrators screamed F-bombs through megaphones around young children, insulted Christianity, and screamed at the adults and the children that they were Nazis. 

In return, the pro-life crowd prayed for the protesters. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the Founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media