Sonnenberg: No One Should Have to Die Alone

By Matt Connelly
Sonnenberg: No One Should Have to Die Alone

The number of government-imposed tragedies perpetrated on Americans during the pandemic are hard to keep track of at times: lockdowns, addiction, overdoses, small businesses destroyed, education and development halted. 
State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg highlights another tragedy caused by the heavy hand of government in a Daily Sentinel op-ed today: Coloradans forced to die alone.
In the Daily Sentinel, Sonnenberg describes his new “No One Dies Alone” legislation as, “probably the most important bill I have ever championed in my legislative career.”
“One family testified that their grandfather, father and husband left the ranch for the hospital where he went 19 days without his family before he died,” writes Sonnenberg. “Another woman’s only contact with her husband was on her Ipad where she watched him take his last breath.”
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