Former Hickenlooper Advisor: Bad news on inflation is bad news for Colorado’s Democrats…

By Matt Connelly

Doug Friednash, John Hickenlooper’s former Chief of Staff during his time as Governor, is warning Democrats they face a brutal election season here in Colorado and nationally. 

In a Denver Post op-ed, Friednash argues that recent bad news on Colorado’s inflation numbers is “bad news for Colorado’s Democrats” and will likely “lead to significant Democratic losses nationally in November.”

Doug Friednash in the Denver Post: 

“Here in Colorado, where Democrats control virtually every statewide office and majorities in both the state Senate and House, Republicans have nothing to lose and everything to gain this November from souring economic news.

Democrats face serious inflation headwinds this November despite the moderating pandemic and rising employment. The question is will the Republicans save them by forwarding extreme primary candidates that cannot win the general election.

Strict party-line voters will likely not sway because of inflation so far, but if it persists, policymakers should take care to be addressing the issue and increase understanding of a very complicated issue. For incumbents, the stakes have not been this high in several decades and they would do well to keep the pulse of the public on this subject.”

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the Founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.