Democrat Disaster: Colorado Democrats Hide in Basement for their Convention

By Matt Connelly

The energy level was through the roof in Colorado Springs at the 2022 Republican Assembly this past Saturday as Republicans prepare for a red wave to sweep through Colorado in November. 

Campfire Colorado alone livestreamed in-person interviews with candidates from across the state as thousands of patriots assembled to do the PEOPLE’s work. 

But did you know that the Democrats also held their convention on Saturday?

To be honest, we didn’t. 

At least not until we saw this hot tweet from Colorado GOP political consultant Josh Penry come across the Campfire news wire:

That’s right folks – the Democrats employed Joe Biden’s basement strategy for their convention this year and the result was several very sad pictures from very sad candidates facing down likely defeat in November. 

Exhibit A: Jared Polis in a very sad picture accepting the nomination:

In case you had forgotten, that’s Senator Michael Bennet in the picture below. He’s most well-known for not being very well known or accomplished, but he did manage sign a paper between two flags this weekend:

How do we know this basement convention was a disaster? As Penry put it, the Biden-Bennet campaign was very salty when called out for their embarrassing basement disaster. 

It’s unclear why the Democrats held their convention virtually but we welcome any explanation – we do know for certain that Democrats across the state were tuned into Campfire Colorado’s coverage of the IN-PERSON Republican Assembly all day and we thank them for their support!

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.