Campfire Colorado Joins the “Society of Professional Journalists”

By Matt Connelly
Business newspaper article

We learned a few lessons yesterday after Colorado’s liberal media had a total meltdown on Twitter in response to being called out for being partisan hacks. 

According to one Twitter user, there is something called the “Society of Professional Journalists” and ultra-liberal partisan hack Chase Woodruff just received several awards from them. Seriously.

Now, we find this hard to believe since Chase Woodruff is not a real journalist and that would be offensive to real journalists, but if this organization is handing out awards to partisan hacks who identify as real journalists, then we figured we should have no problem joining as well.

Accordingly, Campfire Colorado paid the required $67 last night to become a “professional journalist” and a member of the Colorado Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. 

It’s not clear whether it also costs money to win an award like Chase Woodruff. 

The confirmation email notes, “With your membership comes one of the most respected professional reputations in the world of media.”

The second lesson learned yesterday is that Democrats are apparently open to having partisan media outlets like Campfire Colorado be credentialed at their events in the future – we are happy to oblige and will be applying for credentials to all events sponsored by the Colorado Democratic Party in the future.

A number of Democrats ‘liked’ a tweet yesterday from a man named Ari Armstrong who apparently works at Complete Colorado and called the idea of keeping partisan media out of an event sponsored by a political party “chicken shit”. 

Democrats like Ian Silverii and Nico Delgado seem to agree with this concept, and we will be thrilled to provide coverage of all their upcoming events. 

We are thrilled to start applying the same silly standards used for liberal activist media to Campfire Colorado and are eagerly awaiting our credentials and being listed on the website for the Colorado Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. 

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.