Greg Brophy interviews Sen. Rob Woodward on his geothermal energy legislation 

In a new edition of TWW Talks, Greg Brophy interviews Senator Row Woodward on his legislation that encourages the use of geothermal energy across Colorado. 

Brophy hosts multiple guests on his program for The Western Way and also discussed the importance of energy independence with Senator Woodward. 

The team at The Western Way has more:

TWW’s Greg Brophy spoke with Colorado State Senator Rob Woodward (SD-15) about legislation he is carrying this year, SB-118.  The bill would encourage the use of geothermal energy across Colorado and would put geothermal energy on equal footing with solar energy with respect to the permitting, installation, and other aspects of residential and commercial geothermal systems.  The bill would also provide an educational component to show how current geothermal systems can be used in residential and commercial applications and the associated cost savings for ratepayers.  

Sen. Woodward and Brophy also spoke about the importance of energy independence and how geothermal.  They discussed how geothermal, as a very localized source of domestic energy which runs 24 hours a day, is impervious to cyber-attacks, and has no fuel costs makes it an ideal source for our nation’s “All of the Above” energy strategy.

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