Jaylen Mosqueira receives unanimous support at House District 38 Assembly

By Matt Connelly

(Image Courtesy of Jaylen for Colorado)

At Hinkley High School in Aurora this past weekend, Jaylen Mosqueria received unanimous support at House District 38’s assembly – a district encompassing voters in Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties.

HD-38 is a seat that Republicans should be able to flip this year with the right candidate and they’ve found that candidate in Jaylen Mosqueria.

The seat is currently occupied by far-left Democrat David Ortiz who will face a strong candidate in Mosqueria, a voter registration disadvantage for Democrats, and what’s shaping up to be a wave year for Republicans in 2022.

(Image Courtesy of Jaylen for Colorado)

“It was an honor to earn support from delegates and learn what issues residents across HD 38 are worried about,” said Jaylen Mosqueira. “Many residents in HD38 feel unsafe and uncertain, citing issues such as rising crime, unaffordability, and disparities in educational outcomes. I’m running to be the next State Representative because I care deeply about the community that shaped me. My community needs a fighter back under the golden dome ​who will lead from the front and fight to represent all residents in House District 38. There’s one thing I want to make certain, House District 38 will be a seat that the people of Colorado look to for leadership, a seat that works to get thoughtful policy passed for the people of Colorado. “

Mosqueira is a Colorado native who was raised in the community he is seeking to represent. He grew up in a family that ran two small businesses and has seen firsthand how out-of-control government actions can hurt small business owners and destroy local jobs. In recent years, he’s been involved in giving back to his community through service at the Capitol and fighting to protect small business owners by promoting common sense policies and candidates around Colorado.

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