Kristi Burton Brown Officially Visits Every County in Colorado 

(Image Courtesy of Colorado GOP)

If you’ve attended a grassroots Republican event in the last year, chances are high that you’ve seen Colorado’s Republican Party Chairwoman in attendance. 

Kristi Burton Brown has traveled the state more extensively than any Colorado GOP Chair in recent memory and has put a clear priority on the PEOPLE. 

When she first ran to be Chairwoman, Kristi Burton Brown promised that she would visit every single one of Colorado’s counties to meet with Republicans in her first year in office.

Today, Burton Brown officially delivered on that promise:

“Today I visited the last of Colorado’s 64 counties in Pitkin County. So good to be with Republicans across the state, we’re going to have a Red Wave in 2022 as we campaign on the issues Coloradans care about – affordability, public safety, and more education options for everyone. Let’s go win!” – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown

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