Joe O’Dea Launches $80k Radio Ad Buy

...I've reached my final destination, bought a radio station and she's fifty thousand watts pure and clear...(From the song K S O S by Emmylou Harris) / Home radio studio of Nitty-Gritty Music Radio, you can listen at

U.S. Senate candidate Joe O’Dea launched an $80k statewide radio ad buy today, according to his campaign. The ad will run on conservative talk radio and drive-time radio in Denver, Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, and various rural areas across the state.

O’Dea’s campaign emphasized that, “Joe is the only candidate who has been consistently up on the airwaves, digital, and radio—bringing the fight to Bennet.”

According to the campaign, this brings O’Dea’s total spend against Bennet to about $330K.

O’Dea’s previous ads included:

   Joe v. Bennet” :30 to start campaign: 

Your Voice” was on statewide talk radio: 

Launch Video:

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