EXCLUSIVE: Heidi Ganahl’s Petition Deemed Sufficient by Secretary of State’s Office

By Matt Connelly

Republican Candidate for Governor, Heidi Ganahl has received word from the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office that she submitted a valid number of signatures in each congressional district to have her nominating petition deemed sufficient. 

Gubernatorial candidates must submit 1500 valid signatures in each of Colorado’s eight congressional districts and Ganahl comfortably cleared that bar in each district.

Ganahl has chosen to also participate in this weekend’s Republican State Assembly. That means she will need to secure 10 percent of the vote at assembly to officially make the ballot.

Ganhal’s Communications Director, Lexi Swearingen tells Campfire:

“Heidi is the only candidate that can take on Jared Polis and win. This is just the first of many steps in our winning strategy to reach as many voters as possible. It means more than sixteen thousand registered republicans want to see Heidi on the ballot. The next step will be to earn the support of as many delegates as possible at the State Assembly this weekend. Heidi respects the Caucus and Assembly process. Her message is resonating: Polis is an out-of-touch failure.  Heidi is a mom on a mission to give power back to parents over their kids’ education, lower Colorado’s soaring crime rate and cost of living and give rural Colorado its voice back.”

Ganahl is the only Colorado gubernatorial candidate to submit petitions for ballot access. Every other candidate is pursuing ballot access solely through the assembly process in Colorado Springs this upcoming Saturday. Unlike Ganahl, the other candidates must get 30 percent of the vote to make the June primary ballot.

The verified signature breakdown for the Ganahl campaign from the Secretary of State’s Office is as follows:

CD 1: 1,798

CD 2: 1,848

CD 3: 2,094

CD 4: 2,548

CD 5: 1,881

CD 6: 2,145

CD 7: 1,885

CD 8: 2,314

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About the Author:

Matt Connelly is the Founder of Campfire Colorado and Campfire Media.